Friday, September 17, 2010

tavern of the holy palate

Smell and taste, unlike sight, hearing, and touch, are chemical senses. As such, they are subject to relatively rapid sensory fatigue. A Futurist cuisine had therefore to find ways of reestablishing “gustatory virginity.” To annul one set of tastes and smells before presenting the next set, a suction fan would draw scents out of the room. To intensify sensory acuity, they periodically changed the lighting and room temperature, suddenly instructed the diners to quickly move themselves and their dinners two places to the right, released a live turkey into a room where diners had just eaten the bird, and presented blue wine, orange milk, and red mineral water. (the history blog)

irma vep


serving suggestion: throw your dessert over the balcony with scents of carnation and the sound of wild jazz and the feel of sandpaper + velvet

société vellocet

conor doherty

hakaan f10: *black leather*

kako ueda papercuts (design squish)

liberty tinsel pops


emily miranda: crustaceans and claws

from dix magazine


k+j: he gave her a music box

Sunday, September 12, 2010

aloha again - you know where i've been

dave geeting

carolina naftali

cynthia rowley resort

nicholas kirkwood x liberty

frieda and nellie x jcrew

maries vintage

doloris petunia


haley mcbride

cynthia rowley

nicholas kirkwood x liberty

cynthia rowley x band-aids

tracy feith x target may 2009

tracy feith

eve gulick

emily miranda