Monday, November 29, 2010

serpentine creeps

photo: sam hessamian

it's the best of most everything odd and good. hessamian's fashion creeper hands get all zombie-ed out with a thriller pose in hitchcock killer lighting. the grainy texture offers some good depth for lunging out as these serpentine lovelies seem to be anticipating. maybe these grotesquely elongated (but elegant) hands are trying to put us under some spell. inky with high-contrast in the right spots, i'm mesmerized.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

peter pan and pointy flats

as the uk's former popworld tv presenter, alexa chung got a good clothing allowance so she could interview the music world stylishly. (wouldn't you say clothing allowance has a lush sound to it, especially with 'good' chucked up front? it places the right amount of importance on clothing without having to feel like maybe a certain amount should go towards something of the *shhh* less inspiring sort. plainly, that's where rent allowance and grocery allowance step in.)

anyway, the clothes came and eventually so did the designers. you remember ~ mulberry named a bag after her which has so far sold about 9000. of course, she's been noted as a style icon which means she has found her way around the closet. in fact, she can do 360ºs all over it. i would.

it's owed in part to her fondness of peter pan collars (and variations thereof) and pointy flats. well, that's what peabody sleuth has deduced today. (satchels, brogues, short shorts, over the knee socks and toggle coats are also in her bag of trick-sies, but let's not go overboard.) so, i think i'll call these looks - that alexa moshes together so well - 'same-same but different'.

photo: mr. newton

tennesse thomas-inspired madewell x alexa chung dress

photo: found on the blog of a.c. blogs

uk elle, nov 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

sugar fifties brights

i've been really drawn to prada's jelly candy, fiftie's cat eye frames with a modern, orangey-red lip ~ not to mention that hair. so when i had a meeting with a magazine about their spring fashion concept, it was on. retro pastels with a bright kick aren't going away.
prada s10

it brings euro licorice to mind...

...and esprit. esprit in the 80's interpreted the 50's - well. i miss that esprit. it needs to reinvent itself. i say, if other brands can reposition themselves, then esprit can be relevant again because it's memory definitely is. and plus, cherokee is doing it.

you might think the pop under-layer gives this retro-looking dress a little something new. it does. the sunglasses in the same pastel + pop are also responsible as are the round/graphically bold lenses. i'm just going to step back some if it gets too matchy match off the runway ~ so go quirky berserky.
cacharel s11

a coral orangey-red lipstick is somewhat of an offbeat way to jazz yourself up. so while a wine berry has it's place, unless you're going for a cool-girl-smoking-in-the-boys-room/rockabilly take, then choose a wowing bright to keep your fifties look from getting labeled as costume-y. i also quite like a close to neon peach.
maybe it's the messy cut eyes, mint walls and animal print that i love, but i suspect pee wee's playhouse (and esprit) are boiling down to pure nostalgia ~ and it's allll about starting your look off with a 50's in the 80's foundation.

and speaking of which, there's a whole lot of chair-y and mekka lekka hi-mekka hiney ho in these mykita's.
they also act like a mirage to all the warm colors at cacharel and will work swimmingly with that ysl lipstick.
mykita x alexander herchcovitch s11
let's pretend she has light, but punchy, blue sandal platform heels on with nude ankle socks (or would it be silver creepers with nude ankle socks?)and she's looking for her black & white band button to put on her dress. if she wants to be more playful, she'd make herself a copy of marc jacobs' cassette tape headband and let the chips fall where they may.
cacharel s11

luisa via roma, emma

phoebe philo really is outdoing herself on the celine tip with le classics all freshened up a bit. i could go on about the luggage bag tote, but with this design i see 3-D glasses from the fifties x that same strong flat top line that's gaining momentum. they're pretty much 3-D glasses for everyday.

these heavy eyebrow sunglasses (with a dash of surreal) make 'having a go' seem serious, but it's not a total joke. the cat eye might be what you put on when you are headed to certain lanvin collaborations in the wee hours of the morning since the red eyebrow acts like instant makeup and the angle emphasizes a stronger cheekbone. i think salvador dalí would approve, even if he didn't give you a straight answer right away. maybe he was too overcome by bargain elbaz bow ties, but, even more so, the stall was only due to his disappointment because he didn't think of it first.
prada f10

elsa schiaparelli had a bit of an edge on that.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

down in gypsy rock

i'm-with-the-band hands are owed to the summer's recording sessions spent in marrakech - allegedly - and just a few other factors. obviously, wear tassels around your wrist to start and then think about maybe changing your name to ondine.

you might consolidate your closet into a trunk of textures from flea markets to bazaar markets ~ the brocade, the beading, the hippie paisley print, the gauze, silk and mongolian wool. of course, jeans and a t shirt go without saying.

your collection of clothes and accessories will show that saturated color goes well with light-sucking velvets and that the uncommon (whatever it is you find) looks so wonky but sophisticated at the same time. just don't overdo your hair. your old prep school wardrobe (something like balenciaga f07) mixes well with your study abroad souvenir finds, but you'll get a bit more relaxed in dressing. maybe your boyfriend and his band are rubbing off.

patchouli is clearly too much so go for byredo's gypsy water. it's subtle and the name offers more than it's weight in mystique. then, just anoint one foot with a diluted drop of patchouli ~ so you and maybe the girl at the nail place only know...and your boots. i guess make that both feet then.

loving all kinds of art, but maybe prioritizing ray bans over man ray? i understand. buy prints and then brush gel medium over the image. the frame always makes a difference anyway. i like elizabeth peyton and her ease with brushstrokes and this painting has a well-traveled feel.

the marchesa luisa casati is an influence not only for her inventive costumes to her elaborate balls, but also for her eccentric ways and patronage to the arts. she was daring and lived her life artfully. la marchesa took walks with her cheetahs down the labyrinths of venice at night and that's just a teeny taste. find your eccentric du jour and get inspired.

pattern on pattern feels haphazard like you're breaking the rules stylishly. ondine likes this. it's less predictable and throws them off your trail a bit.

pretty soon, your first instinct will be something like ~ this bracelet would look great with leather shorts and a wide brim felt hat...and then you realize, most everything in the wardrobe trunk looks good with a felt hat. and also there might be a: p.s. shave legs and wash the knee socks. in the end, the suno bracelet was a good add to the collection.
lizzie fortunato for suno

juergen teller and some persian rugs keep the vision. somehow it reminds you of mixing high and low and to actually use a camera versus the inevitable retro camera phone app. art school did foster a love for the holga camera anyway.

write some letters and drink mint tea on the floor or in bed. the scrawl might be wobbly and a tea drip might stain, but think orient express and your message might end up containing loads of intrigue. or loads more.

iris apfel, the bold style whiz, and her glasses...well, ondine definitely admires the playfulness she stirs with her mash ups.

redbury hotel on vine would be the first hollywood crash spot on the list for a fondue party with records playing and tarot card dealing.

a bit mad max makes for earthy witchery and packs in the trunk like a breeze...although why take it off?
pamela love: cfda nom

when you're looking for a gelateria in rome on one of those scorching summer days, you might need these to keep you sane. you see, you won't need to give up & stop searching for the gelateria that has the good gelato, the one whose banana flavor is brown so you know it's fresh, because the italianos will be checking you (well, your sunglasses) out. and that means they were a
chic/wise purchase. pick them up at mohawk general store and you might make some additional impulse buys. so you know.
super ~ lucia

try to sleep in something like this when you're visiting your best friend in paris. after you've given up, head to chez julien and laugh about the things you laugh about.

kemp muhl may start taking notes.

and your dream state might include episodes like this.

and you might start crafting up dresses that look like lanterns or lanterns that look like dresses.
manish arora s11

and pretty soon, you'll be expertly fanning yourself like a lady from spain. (so don't forget your fan.)

Monday, November 1, 2010

here comes the sun

it really feels sunnier now that i've entered sunglass hut's full time fabulous contest and it's not just the huge hopes of becoming their (very lucky) fashion blogger. that's clearly enticing ~ a ny apartment for the year and fashion week assignments in all the key cities are sparkles for this magpie. but what's been incredible is all the support from my family and friends and their extended circles. (lovebug central) everyone's been absolutely lovely. i think it's partially because they know how much i want this. i'd also like to think that most people really just want to help. voting ends wednesday, november 17 so i hope that i might win your vote too. it's so quick. i swear. click the link. enter your name + email and hit submit. a validation will go to your inbox so you have to confirm you voted. then, you'll get a promo code for $20 towards sunglasses and, simultaneously, i will be thrilled to have your vote.

they voted.

peter lindbergh and the greats definitely voted. in fact, they got a lot of people to vote. (they're voting now.)

at first, the ladies couldn't be bothered to vote, but then i realized they were joking. they had already voted.
thank you for your kindness. ****** these are flowers as a thank you! *******