Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the theory of everything - part II

to create anything, things must connect. parts must connect to make the whole. this pattern not only starts creation but nurtures unity and harmony because connections with these patterns last longer than disharmonious ones. this blueprint for unity and harmony is the blueprint for the universe.

(part deux in a series of friends)

kristin thompson
albino blackbird, societie vellocet

marchesa luisa casati as light


casati with boldoni and guest


chanel resort 2010

inspired by 1930s venetian high society

reminiscent of fortuny and peggy guggenheim

casati inspired wigs and makeup

lalique comb

whittall wilton bird of paradise rug

albino blackbird

champion of modern art

claire falkenstein (kristin would drink wine with her in venice during the 90s)

claire falkenstein

flourish, anne mudge (she's a petite one, like kristin, who makes big, whopping & beautiful sculptures)

p:lauren ward, s:steph ashmore, m:jamie greenberg, h:christi cagle

bryan christopher nichols
creative director, lambesis
societie vellocet
Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Casablanca Alum

afghan crown

gun show

good times dalí

holy mountain


my closet is such a mess.

belladone island

augustin lesage

augustin lesage

cai guo qiang, of course.

chelsea matthews
nest events

wild fox

jane hutchison
fitch design, london

holi - the festival of colors welcomes spring

jason st john & barbara rourke
designers extraordinaire
bells and whistles

tim noble & sue webster