Sunday, July 31, 2011

chateau marmont french waving

(refinery 29)

i had a french new wave-inspired shoot in my head for awhile and lou used the (fantastic) sense to pitch it to the lovely rue magazine so we could make it happen: lou with a camera and me with racks of clothes. thankfully, they were interested (yes!) and set us up in james dean's (very roomy) bungalow where we spent the day playing around with editor anne sage and the rest of our talented crew. the images lou shot in film are my favorites - the grainy, less than perfect feel fits well with the cinematic mood we were going for. and model margarita was our perfect pixie. it was the second time i got to work with her, but i hope it wasn't the last. on top if it all, refinery 29 gave their readers a sneak peek on what was soon to be published in rue magazine's issue 6. from concept to happy collaboration.

rue magazine issue 6: july/august
photographer: lou mora
stylist: steph ashmore

the characters in black and white