Thursday, August 20, 2009

the theory of everything - part I

to create anything, things must connect. parts must connect to make the whole. this pattern not only starts creation but nurtures order and harmony because connections with these qualities last longer than disharmonious ones. this blueprint for unity and harmony is the blueprint for the universe.

(part I in a series of friends)

hunter lee soik
the law of the few

jenn juckett

jeff rennaker
creative director, symantec

Here are three items that I find compelling at the moment. I find them all connected in some ethereal way.

The Artist co-habitating with motion and the organic mathematical nature of life:

The reconstitution of dead steel: High Line

The inspiring Architect crossing oceans and continents with ideas:COOP HIMMELB(L)AU founded by Wolf Prix and 450 N.Grand Avenue, LA

athena toner
dear cora

david ivey

paul hutchison
creative director, hype type

daniel arsham

micha kuchenhoff
micha design

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