Sunday, November 21, 2010

peter pan and pointy flats

as the uk's former popworld tv presenter, alexa chung got a good clothing allowance so she could interview the music world stylishly. (wouldn't you say clothing allowance has a lush sound to it, especially with 'good' chucked up front? it places the right amount of importance on clothing without having to feel like maybe a certain amount should go towards something of the *shhh* less inspiring sort. plainly, that's where rent allowance and grocery allowance step in.)

anyway, the clothes came and eventually so did the designers. you remember ~ mulberry named a bag after her which has so far sold about 9000. of course, she's been noted as a style icon which means she has found her way around the closet. in fact, she can do 360ºs all over it. i would.

it's owed in part to her fondness of peter pan collars (and variations thereof) and pointy flats. well, that's what peabody sleuth has deduced today. (satchels, brogues, short shorts, over the knee socks and toggle coats are also in her bag of trick-sies, but let's not go overboard.) so, i think i'll call these looks - that alexa moshes together so well - 'same-same but different'.

photo: mr. newton

tennesse thomas-inspired madewell x alexa chung dress

photo: found on the blog of a.c. blogs

uk elle, nov 2010

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