Monday, November 1, 2010

here comes the sun

it really feels sunnier now that i've entered sunglass hut's full time fabulous contest and it's not just the huge hopes of becoming their (very lucky) fashion blogger. that's clearly enticing ~ a ny apartment for the year and fashion week assignments in all the key cities are sparkles for this magpie. but what's been incredible is all the support from my family and friends and their extended circles. (lovebug central) everyone's been absolutely lovely. i think it's partially because they know how much i want this. i'd also like to think that most people really just want to help. voting ends wednesday, november 17 so i hope that i might win your vote too. it's so quick. i swear. click the link. enter your name + email and hit submit. a validation will go to your inbox so you have to confirm you voted. then, you'll get a promo code for $20 towards sunglasses and, simultaneously, i will be thrilled to have your vote.

they voted.

peter lindbergh and the greats definitely voted. in fact, they got a lot of people to vote. (they're voting now.)

at first, the ladies couldn't be bothered to vote, but then i realized they were joking. they had already voted.
thank you for your kindness. ****** these are flowers as a thank you! *******

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